Pinot Noir is a capricious and challenging variety to cultivate! The multiple California microclimates and many Pinot clones, or subtypes, contribute to perhaps the widest range of flavor experiences among California red wines. Pinot may be bold and “fruit forward” when grown in warmer, sun-drenched environs and may have a delicate flavor profile when produced at higher altitudes or in coastal climates like ours.

To achieve a balance of delicate flavors on the palate four clones of Pinot Noir were selected including Dijon 115, Dijon 777, Swan 23 and Pommard 5. Design and installation of the vineyard were completed in June 2007 when 800 vines were planted.

While yields for some grape varieties may exceed several tons per acre, due to the nature of the Pinot variety, our pruning and conservative watering practices, we have a harvest yield of just ¾ to 1 ½ tons per acre. This corresponds to between 1 and 3 barrels of premium wine which we age in top quality oak barrels sourced from the forests of southern France. As a result, starting in 2014, we have very limited production of 50-75 cases of Perfusion Pinot Noir annually.

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