Each year, Winemaker Thomas (Tom) Leaf works in partnership with owner Jon Bry, crafting Perfusion Vineyard’s small lot, artisan wines. Thomas is in charge of all day-to-day winemaking operations, which includes Perfusion’s crush and fermentation operations, cellar management, and facilities management of all wines.

Both Thomas Leaf and John Bry are very detailed oriented; therefore, this partnership works really well, balancing each other’s core talents. John is as meticulous in his wine grape growing practices, as Thomas Leaf is with his winemaking. Together, they are crafting delicious wines that are both food friendly and able to stand on their own as great sipping wines.

Thomas Leaf’s education began with double Bachelor of Science degrees in Geological Sciences and Environmental Resource Management, from Pennsylvania State University, in 1980. Thomas then expanded that background with a Master of Science degree in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Texas at Austin, 1991.

Understanding this unique progression, in hindsight, it is easy to realize how all of those studies would evolved into who Thomas is today. His passion for fine wine, coupled with his in-depth knowledge of both the art and science of winemaking, have resulted in a formidable track record.

Thomas Leaf is an extraordinary winemaker, who is very capable of simultaneously manages many wine projects, while balancing singularity for each of his wine clients. Like the facets of a diamond, each segment has its own charm and brilliance. According to Tom, “I specialize in small lot, hand-crafted production techniques that are designed to retain the exclusive character of each vineyard and its terroir.”

Thomas Leaf has been involved with four major urban winemaking operations – starting and running his own winery Grapeleaf Cellars in Berkeley, launching Crushpad (arguably the most influential urban winery of all time), building the Winery San Francisco, and now making wine for Dogpatch WineWorks. In addition to making wines for Dogpatch, Thomas makes wines for a number of small wineries, including Perfusion Vineyard.

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